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Hey, “Classic” Metadata Managers: Want to Give EPMA a Try?
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Erich Ranz
Date: 2014-06-24
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Thinking about utilizing EPMA, but don’t know what first steps to take? Leaving the familiar world of the HFM Client and all your Excel metadata files and macros may seem daunting, but getting your feet wet in EPMA can be a low-risk activity that adds value to your organization. This presentation will cover a few pros and cons of Classic versus EPMA and then focus on the specifics of EPMA metadata management.

Presentation Topics:

• Pros and cons of Classic and EPMA metadata management
• Converting existing applications from Classic to EPMA
• Converting an EPMA application back to Classic (yes, it can be done!)
• Creating a new application in EPMA
• Managing metadata with Excel using the EPMA File Generator and Import Profiles
• Managing metadata in the Dimension Library and Grid Editor
• Managing metadata through LCM
• Moving an EPMA application across environments

Download File   eranz.heyclassic.ppt

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