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A New Twist to HFM Automation: Using HFM Process Management to Drive HFM Extracts
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Alice Lawrence
Date: 2014-06-22
Subtopic: Solutions

We had a unique requirement to extract data out of HFM only when the data was "Good". Our users do not want to see the data in the Essbase cube until they are sure that it is valid for the wider Essbase audience to view it. This required us to look at different ways to extract the data out of HFM.
In this session I will go through the user requirements, and also review the various other options that we looked at such as Extended Analytics, and EAL, and briefly explained why these options fell short of meeting the business requirements. In short - neither of these options allowed us to be know when the data was "good". There was no way to know what status the data in by using either of these methods of extraction.

We then, pushed our consultants to explore other options, and eventually pushed them to look at the HFM API. Together with the consultants we developed an API based solution. This session will go through the solution that was developed and will explore the various calls in the solution.
It will explain how you can use SmartView to retrieve the ProcessStatus vs uses an API call to achieve the same results. It will then show how you can compare that to the last time you retrieved the process status to see what changed, and then perform an extract based on that information.
It will show how to dynamically create an extract based on information in the file. It will explain some challenges with the API code such as only being able to extract child entities with certain calls, and requiring Admin access with other calls. It will also highlight the changes coming with the latest releases of HFM.

Download File   Alawrence ANewTwist Presentation_062214.pdf

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