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Understanding the Zombies That Lurk Within Your System: The Rules
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Jim Heflin
Date: 2014-05-27
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

As JimTheRulesGuy I spend a lot of time looking at rules that I didn’t write. That can be as scary as facing the zombie hoard with a whiffle ball bat. If I’m looking at rules, it typically means they don’t function as desired or are having performance problems. The first thing I need to is gain an understanding of what the rules are actually doing. If the thought of looking at the rules in your system sends chills down your spine, let me take you through my process to understand overall style of the rules and how I decipher the mystical runes of specific rules. All of this will be preceded by a broad overview of how HFM rules run. This will allow you to lock ‘n load prior to facing down the walking dead…. or reading your rules.

Download File   JHeflin.UnderstaningTheZombies.Presentation.2014_05_27.pdf

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