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Zombies, Pie Charts, and Override Rules… Oh My!
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Jim Heflin
Date: 2014-05-27
Subtopic: Best Practices

As JimTheRulesGuy I get the chance to see a lot of rules files. When I see the complexity of some Override / Historical rate code I shudder with horror. Every application with equity in a foreign currency will tend to have these rules but this is where the similarities end. Some look like they were coded with a half-eaten brain. Let me show a simple approach in order of scariness:
• Walking Zombies – Overrides into a single currency – user loaded
• Running Zombies – Overrides into multiple different currencies – user loaded
• A Charging Zombie Hoard – Overrides into multiple currencies with rule generated changes to the post translated amount.

I will throw in a freebie!
• Snoozing Zombie - How to handle your post translated history

At the end of the day you don’t be the fastest coder on your block, but if you can code these Overrides you will be ahead of the other guys who will be the main course on the Zombie buffet. Pie Charts will be used liberally.

Download File   JHeflin.ZombiesPieChartsOverrides.Presentation.2014_05_27.pdf

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