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Essbase and HFM, A Real-World Guide to Extended Analytics and Essbase Analytics Link
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Brian Marshall
Date: 2014-07-29
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

While I’ve attended and given presentations on both Extended Analytics and Essbase Analytics Link, I’ve yet to see one that goes through all of the reasons why you should choose one over the other. This presentation will provide a primer on the differences related to data storage in Essbase and HFM and how we concur some of the basic challenges like intercompany eliminations. Next we will move into comparisons in each product and the steps necessary to get data from HFM and into Essbase. Demonstrations will be provided of both products along with step-by-step instructions and required queries and processes to get either method up and running. If you have HFM and want to see that data in Essbase, this will be a must-see session.

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