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Essbase for the HFM Crowd
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Keith Berry
Date: 2014-06-24
Subtopic: At A Glance

Use you knowledge of HFM to get a jump start on learning Essbase BSO. In this session we will convert a simple HFM application to Essbase to contrast how each tool handles hierarchies, data, calculations and security differently. After a brief introduction to Essbase, we will convert the HFM application to Essbase step-by-step; redesigning to fit the new tool's requirements where necessary and using a different approaches to accomplish the same end in some cases. We'll also highlight which HFM functions can't easily be duplicated in Essbase, and Essbase capabilities HFM does not have.

Download File   kberry.essbaseforthehfmcrowd.presentation.pdf
Download File   Essbase for the HFM Crowd-FinClose.mp4

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