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ADF On Ramp: What You Need to Know to Use ADF
Topic: Kscope13 Recordings
Owner: Peter Koletzke
Date: 2013-06-22
Subtopic: ADF and Fusion DevelopmentADF

Developing a Java-oriented web application these days requires selecting a small set of frameworks from a dauntingly long list. Fortunately, Oracle has provided some inspiration; they are building Fusion Applications using Application Development Framework (ADF) and a core technology stack consisting of ADF Faces, ADF Business Components, and JavaServer Faces. You too can develop applications using this set of technologies and the ADF environment in JDeveloper.

This presentation explains these technologies and shows what kinds of development methods you will use when working in this environment. It provides guidelines for how much you need to know about the various languages used for these technologies. It also describes and shows the files you will use to build an application and how that application will be tested and deployed to a production environment. In addition, the presentation offers advice on how to learn what you need to know before starting Java web development in JDeveloper.

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