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Hyperion Planning Input Forms – You’re Doing it All Wrong
Topic: Kscope13 Recordings
Owner: Jake Turrell
Date: 2013-06-23
Subtopic: Planning

If you’re building lifeless input forms that simply present data and allow inputs, you’re doing it all wrong! There are a host of intermediate-to-advanced features in forms that are ready to impress your end-users. Have you ever used a right-click menu to pass context to another form? What about data validations that actually work in Smart View? Have you tried your luck with in-sheet calculations? What about user variables?

If you’ve built basic Planning input forms, and you’re ready to take your apps to the next level, this presentation is for you. You’ll get a step-by-step guide, illustrated with a live demo and real-world examples.

Download File   jturrell.input_forms.pdf
Download File   Grand Ballroom D Session 01.mp4

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