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Calc Manager: Go Beyond Basics and Unleash the Power of Oracle Hyperion Planning
Topic: Kscope13 Recordings
Owner: Ludovic De Paz
Date: 2013-06-22
Subtopic: Planning

With Hyperion, Calc Manager is the only option to develop and deploy Business Rules. This is a fantastic opportunity for developers to leverage its latest advancements.
Calc Manager is not just Calculation Scripts for Planning or Hyperion Business Rules in Workspace, it is a powerful set of tools to make any Hyperion Planning implementation more effective, to make the end-product more robust and easier to maintain afterwards.
This session will examine key features and functionality in Calf Manager and demonstrate how to successfully achieve your goals while improving quality, including:
• How to take full advantage of the Debug and Analyze functions
• How to increase efficiency by leveraging existing templates and/or create new ones for more efficiency.
The session will also review the improvements from Hyperion Business Rules (HBR)—graphic interface, variables, and formulas/scripts. And it will discuss best practices, tips, tricks, and techniques that consultants, administrators, and end users can leverage to make completing projects and daily tasks easier.

Download File   ldepaz.Calc Manager.pdf
Download File   Grand Ballroom D Session 15.mp4

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