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Strategies to Move Forward with Oracle Forms: What Now? What's Next?
Topic: ADF and Fusion Development
Owner: Mia Urman
Date: 2012-10-12
Subtopic: Best Practices

This session is geared to organizations that still have huge investments in Oracle Forms technology. We will explore how to extend existing systems by modernizing and integrating them with Oracle's next generation technologies. We will start with a review of the future of Oracle Forms by Grant Ronald Oracle Forms PM, then discuss what we can do now: including upgrades, UI modernization, Incorporating Java/JavaScript and creating and building integrated systems of Forms and ADF. We will then review whats next with future considerations and 3rd party solutions for modernization, and running Oracle Forms on the cloud and on mobile devices.

The agenda will include:

• Where Are We? Where Are We Going?
• State of the Nation– Oracle Forms Product Vision and statement of direction
• What Are Our Choices Moving Forward?
1. Oracle Forms Modernization - Staying in Forms
2. Building Hybrid Environments
3. Migrating away from Oracle Forms
4. Going to the next level : Oracle Forms to the Mobile
• Prognosis : The Future of Forms

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