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How Do I Do This in ADF ?!?! ADF for Oracle Forms / APEX / PL/SQL Developers
Topic: ADF and Fusion Development
Owner: Mia Urman
Date: 2013-07-17
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

In this session we will dive into the major features needed to build enterprise applications and explain how to do it using Oracle's ADF technology. We will begin with an overview of the essential ADF components and how they map to the comparable Oracle Forms application components. Next we will review common development needs and how they are accomplished in ADF (including common triggers, List of values, validations, master-detail canvas design and more); As well as cover basic integration and how to run Oracle Forms business logic from ADF applications.

Topics will include:

- Understanding Oracle's New Development Technology Landscape
o Understanding the importance of ADF as Oracle's cornerstone development technology

- ADF Development Platform Overview

- Mapping ADF to Oracle Forms
o Mapping Oracle Forms objects to ADF architecture - What is a canvas, a block?
o ADF Equivalents of Common Oracle Forms Triggers - Where is the when new for instance trigger? How do I call a new form? Where does the post query trigger go?
o Where do we put our data validations?
o Task pertaining to data - Using sequences, get sysdate from DB
o Performing Tasks Related to the User Interface - creating a master-detail form, building LOv's
o Error handling - When validations fail, customizing message handling

- How can I run Oracle Forms business logic from ADF

- ADF application development demo

- Next steps
o How to get started learning ADF
o Resources to help you on your way

Download File   how-do-i-do-this-in-adf.pdf

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