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The Arrangement of the Screens: Introduction to Layout in ADF Faces
Topic: ADF and Fusion Development
Owner: Peter Koletzke
Date: 2013-06-22
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Traditionally, the ability to position content on a web page has been severely limited by the available features of HTML. To construct web pages with complex layouts, web application developers have maximized the alignment, spacing, and padding properties of HTML tag elements. They have also employed additions to the HTML toolset such as images, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheet code. The web component toolsets available now require less work in the internals of squeezing and stretching HTML and more focus on understanding and using the embedded layout features of the component set.

This presentation addresses how you can implement a layout design using Application Development Framework Faces Rich Client (ADF Faces RC) components. It explains the different categories of ADF Faces layout components and their properties that allow the developer to work declaratively. The presentation also discusses the embedded support for visual editing, including some little known features like the Design This Container. It also explains and demonstrates container component techniques such as modifying the standard tab order. The session ends with some advice about how to approach creation of a specific layout including using resources such as cheat sheets, component guides, and component documentation.

Download File   PKoletzke.TheArrangement.pdf
Download File   PAPERPKoletzke.TheArrangement.pdf

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