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ADF on the Cheap: A Look at ADF Essentials
Topic: ADF and Fusion Development
Owner: Frederic Desbiens
Date: 2013-05-27
Subtopic: At A Glance

Your prayers have been answered: after years and years of waiting, you can now build and deploy ADF applications without having to pay one cent to Oracle. JDeveloper 11g, the Integrated Development Environment, has always been free. But until now, you needed a specific licence to deploy your application. This licence is bundled with Oracle Application Server and Oracle WebLogic Server. You can also buy it for other supported applications servers, such as IBM WebSphere. With ADF essentials, Oracle offers you the possibility to deploy your applications in production without having to buy an ADF licence or Oracle WebLogic Server. The key enabler here is the open-source GlassFish application server.

This is great news, but now what? The aim of this session is to explain what is ADF Essentials and to give you an overview of the Glassfish application server.

The planned agenda for the session is:

1. Meet ADF Essentials
a. Rationale for the product
b. What is included
c. What is not included and possible alternatives
d. What about Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse?

2. Meet Glassfish
a. Product features
b. Installation process
c. ADF Essentials configuration

3. Glassfish and JDeveloper
a. Application deployment options
b. Configuration of a GlassFish connection

4. Let’s try a GlassFish alternative: Apache Tomcat

Download File   fdesbiens.adfonthecheap.pdf

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