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APEX Tabular Form Terrors and How to Overcome Them
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Karen Cannell
Date: 2013-06-24
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

APEX Tabular Forms are handy and quite powerful right out of the box, but when your business rules take you outside of the wizards, implementing certain features be scary. Complex validations, row-based validations, cascading lists of values and other-column-dependent data selections can be terrifying. Fear no more – this session will give you an in-depth APEX 4.1+ tabular form lesson and walk you through the most common outside-the-wizard tabular form business requirements. You’ll leave armed with sufficient knowledge to tackle most tabular form requirements either via APEX features or building custom modules with confidence.

This session covers the evolution of APEX tabular forms, focusing on the latest (APEX 4.1+) enhancements and new features. We’ll cover the anatomy of a tabular form, wizard-created vs. manual tabular forms, declarative and custom validations, checkboxes, LOV’s, tabular forms on views and how to implement such outside-the-wizard features as cascading LOV’s and complex row-based validations. We’ll give enough basics, insights and suggestions to get you started on building tabular form solutions that meet all your business requirements.

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