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LOBS, BLOBS, CLOBS – Dealing with Attachments in APEX
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Timothy St. Hilaire
Date: 2013-06-26
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

In this presentation we will review the topic of file attachments inside of APEX. We will discuss how the wizards currently work when attachments are used. We will show some of the behavior of the wizards and techniques for using the contents in reports, e-mail, and other code.
We will also take a close look at the database and what happens with the tables that contain LOB information. How to monitor size and how to reclaim space at the DB level.
This is intended to be a beginner to intermediate discussion for individuals new to the APEX framework.

Download File   Kscope13-St.Hilaire-CLOB_BLOB_LOB_v2.pdf

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