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Confessions of an APEX Design Geek
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Christian Rokitta
Date: 2013-06-18
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Oracle Application Express combines Oracle database technology with Web (-browser) technology. The declarative approach enables developers, mostly having an Oracle database background, to build interactive Web 2.0 applications, without having to bother much about the underlying HTML, CSS or jQuery code. But Oracle Application Express has a very flexible theming mechanism, allowing you to completely customize your applications interface. Unfortunately, you only will find little documentation on this subject. For those developers new to HTML and CSS, especially in combination with Application Express, it is kind of a struggle finding where to start. My presentation will explain the basics of the APEX template and theming mechanism and suggest and demonstrate different approaches of modifying existing themes or creating a new custom user interface in APEX. The participants will learn what tools, techniques and skills will help them to start designing their own APEX UI, without having to become a Photoshop Designer expert.

Download File   CRokitta.ConfessionsOfApexDesignGeek.pdf

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