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That's Not Where I Want That!
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Jorge Rimblas
Date: 2013-06-28
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

New APEX developers (and some not so new) are often frustrated trying to move things around their pages. Sometimes they want have things side by side or just nudge some element but they don't really know or understand how this all works.
In this session I will cover the available attributes and options for positioning regions, items and buttons. Then go into tips and tricks that involve knowledge of HTML and CSS for changing the elements on the screen and their appearance.
I'll go into the details of how a page and its HTML is generated, explain their options and best practices. Then cover useful CSS commands that can be used to further control the page layout.
Attendees will also learn about invaluable tools like Firebug, Web Developer, etc..

Download File   jrimblas.thatsnot.pdf
Download File   jrimblas.thatsnot.html

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