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Websheet Applications - User Access Overview
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Karen Reliford
Date: 2013-06-22
Subtopic: At A Glance

Websheet Applications were introduced to APEX with Apex 4.0. The main purpose behind Websheets is to put some of the power into the hands of the user community and, in essence, offload some work for more simple APEX applications from the developer group.

Not only does this include the ability to develop and build pages, reports, data grids and navigation functionality in the Websheet Application, it also includes the ability to control user access to the Websheet Application.

Of course, as soon as we are talking about user access to data and applications, we are talking about one of the many sides of IT security and area that is of constant concern in all organizations.

Because security is a huge area, it definitely includes Database Applications and Websheet Applications - both from the perspective of authenticating user accounts and restricting their access once they are in the application.

In this presentation we will focus on this specific aspect of Websheet management - managing user access.

In particular we will look at

- what methods of user authentication are available for Websheet Applications
- what authorization options are available for Websheet Applications
- setting up the access control lists for Websheet Applications
- adding entries to the access control lists
- understanding the connection between workspace users and Websheet Application access

Download File   KReliford.APEX Websheet User Access Overview Document.pdf
Download File   KReliford.ApexUserAccessPPT.pdf

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