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Interactive Reports: With Knowledge Comes Power!
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Paul Broughton
Date: 2013-07-03
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

This presentation is designed to take a beginner and advanced approach to interactive reports.

Interactive reports are one of the most powerful features available in APEX. They allow both developers and users to create a set of reports. This presentation will show how the default report can be updated, as well as how both public and private reports can be created and saved so that they are available next time the user logs in.

The presentation will examine how filters can be dynamically created when navigating between pages and how previous filters can be removed. It will also show how to incorporate images into an interactive report.

The presentation will discuss the different file formats in which users can download interactive reports. It will also examine how individual rows or cells can be highlighted and charts generated from the data within the report.

The presentation will show how to upgrade an application from the Development to the Production environment, while retaining all of the reports that have been previously created in the Production environment.

Download File   pbroughton.interactive.pdf

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