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APEX - A Training Outline
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Patrick F Cimolini
Date: 2013-06-26
Subtopic: Best Practices

The learning curve for Oracle Application Express (APEX) is relatively shallow when compared to other web based development technologies; however, since the first APEX production release in 2003 (as HTMLDB 1.5) the learning curve has become significantly longer due to the many new features that are now available in the current version, APEX 4.2. The training effort, in terms of time and cost, must be accounted for when an IT shop is considering adding APEX to their technology portfolio or when an IT shop wants to significantly improve their expertise with the product. This presentation outlines a training plan for adopting APEX. The plan lists the areas where discrete training may be required together with time and cost estimates for both self directed and classroom training. The audience, developers and managers who are considering APEX or who are new to the technology, can use the training list as a benchmark for evaluating their APEX training needs. Training needs span the gamut from the newbie's need for ground up training to the experienced developer who is in need of a refresher or who needs to fill in some holes in their APEX knowledge.

Download File   PCimolini.APEXTraining_presentation.pdf

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