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Automating APEX and the Underlying Oracle Database Tools for Use in Personalized Medicine Studies
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Debyra Groskreutz
Date: 2013-06-20
Subtopic: Solutions

Automating APEX and the Underlying Oracle database Tools for Use in Personalized Medicine
“A challenge facing researchers today is the ability to piece together and analyze the multitudes of data generated through the Human Genome Project.” -- National Center for Biotechnology Information (

As a molecular biologist, bioinformatician, Oracle DBA and APEX advocate, I will demonstrate how using APEX functionality within the Oracle database can be used in individualized and high-throughput personalized medicine.

I will demonstrate APEX pipelined applications that automate the analysis and reporting of patient samples from genetic data obtained from an individual’s DNA. By mining public genomic databases such as those at NCBI, which provides integrated access to the GenBank® DNA sequence database, the human genome, and more than 40 related molecular biology database services, these APEX applications use web services to glean relevant and known genetic information about the sample that may guide the provider in treatment and/or prevention of disease. The robust and scalable Interactive Reports and charting capabilities within APEX can then be sent to the provider or researcher to help guide the physician during consultations with the patient, or direct further genetic studies in the laboratory. Methods of automated and high-throughput loading of genetic data into the Oracle database will also be presented.

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