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Dynamic Action Deep Dive 2
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Dan McGhan
Date: 2013-05-28
Subtopic: Best Practices

Dynamic Actions in Oracle Application Express are a declarative interface to the JavaScript programming language available in web browsers. With Dynamic Actions it's really easy to do tasks that are very complex with native JavaScript, such as modal dialogs and Ajax... Well, it’s easy once one learns how the Dynamic Action framework works. Although the learning curve for Dynamic Actions is much smaller than learning JavaScript, there is still a learning curve.

This hands-on mini-class is designed to give students a jump start when beginning with the Dynamic Action framework. Students will start with the very basics and quickly move on to solving more complex tasks based on real business requirements. Along the way, related concepts such as selectors and event propagation will be explained to provide students with a background for the features within the framework.

Download File   danmcghan.dynamicactions.pdf

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