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SQL Developer Tips & Tricks
Topic: Developer's Toolkit
Owner: Jeff Smith
Date: 2013-05-22
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

An IDE can be a powerful tool. Most tools have a primary use-case. Hammers drive nails, Excel drives us insane. But SQL Developer is the IDE for the Oracle database. Where and how do you get started without becoming overwhelmed? Or maybe you've been using SQL Developer for many years but suspect you are only scratching the surface.

This session aims to highlight the features guaranteed to save you the most time per click or keystroke. Covering the mundane like connection management to running SELECT * FROM to the advanced like PLSQL debugging and data modeling, Jeff guarantees each attendee will pick up at least 2-3 new techniques that will fundamentally change their approach to working with Oracle via SQL Developer.

The session is designed to be highly interactive with live product demo as the presenter juggles questions from the audience.

A few crowd favorites include:
+ getting your query results back pre-formatted in CSV, XML, and HTML
+ cycling through your query history via the keyboard
+ visualize your table/FK relationships visually with drag-n-drop ERDs
+ using code insight without it getting in your way

Download File   j.smithoraclesqldevelopertop10tipsandtricks.pdf

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