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Introduction to Java-PL/SQL Developers Take Heart
Topic: Developer's Toolkit
Owner: Peter Koletzke
Date: 2013-06-01
Subtopic: At A Glance

Oracle is now in charge of the Java language and has implemented many database and development features based on the Java. So you may now be more interested in learning more about Java. If you are familiar with PL/SQL, your first view of Java may be a bit discouraging because its object-oriented core makes it look very different. Also, you may be wondering about where Java fits in the industry and how much Java you really need to know to create web applications.

This presentation explains to PL/SQL developers who have had little or no exposure to Java, the basic concepts of and terms used in Java. The presentation provides an overview of the language and reviews the concepts of object orientation upon which Java is based. It also discusses the fundamental Java code structures -- classes and methods -- as well as control statements; exception handling; datatypes; and variables. Finally, it describes how Java is used in modern web applications.

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