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Do I Need to Migrate / Re-develop My Oracle Forms Applications? (Experts Panel)
Topic: Developer's Toolkit
Owner: Mia Urman
Date: 2013-05-26
Subtopic: Best Practices

Join Mia, Michael Ferrante, John King, Lynn Munsinger, David Peake, and Christian Shay in an Expert Panel. Hearing conflicting reports about the future of Oracle Forms? Do you get the feeling you MUST re-develop / migrate your Forms applications ASAP? This session will help set the record straight. Oracle Forms applications contain hundreds of man-years of investment; this session will present your options going forward. And answer the burning question - Can you squeeze a few more years out of your systems or do you need to migrate to a new technology today? And if you must migrate then which next generation development technology should you choose?

Come to this session to meet with some of the leading Oracle Forms experts for an open Q&A about if, when, why, and how you should migrate, including the options, costs, risks, and benefits of migration from Oracle Forms. The presenters will do their best to represent all major development technologies including Java, Oracle ADF, Oracle APEX,.NET, or new third-party development tools.

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