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Using OBIEE and Data Vault to Virtualize Your BI Environment: An Agile Approach
Topic: The Database
Owner: Kent Graziano
Date: 2012-09-05
Subtopic: Best Practices

First we interview the users, we design a reporting model, we follow up with mounds of ETL development, keeping the user community in the dark during that development. Familiar?

This presentation will demonstrate an alternative approach using the Data Vault Data Modeling technique to build a “Foundation” layer in our data warehouse with an Agile methodology. Using the Business Model and Mapping (BMM) functionality of OBIEE, we can virtualize a dimensional model using the Data Vault Foundation layer to decrease the time it takes to get BI content in front of users. Attendees will see a sample Data Vault model designed iteratively and deployed to the semantic model of OBIEE.

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