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Programming PL/SQL with Testing in Mind: A Practical Approach
Topic: The Database
Owner: Matthieu de Graaf
Date: 2013-05-26
Subtopic: Best Practices

Nowadays testing is a crucial and integral part of programming software. In the Java world a number of testing frameworks and methods exist. But how do you apply testing techniques in the more complex world of PL/SQL programming? Testing PL/SQL is more challenging because the PL/SQL programs are often larger than Java programs and the outcome of tests are dependent on data in the database.
In this session we show you our test strategy, which starts at the programming stage. All our programs have special test procedures which enable us to call our PL/SQL programs in a easy way for testing purposes. We developed a special API for creating sets with test data for module and integration tests. In order to resolve the found issues efficiently we used a debugging framework: The software itself is telling us, the developers, what it is doing right or wrong.
In this way we created high quality software, which can be easily tested and maintained.

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