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The Enterprise Manager Command Line
Topic: The Database
Owner: Kellyn Gorman
Date: 2013-05-29
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

The EM CLI (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface) enables the administrator to access full EM12c functionality from the command line, (shell/command windows). This essential tool is incorporated with even more features with the newest release of the Enterprise Manager 12c and is important to understand when working within the EM12c environment.
This session will open the administrator up to the world of Enterprise Manager 12c's Command Line Interface. Discover advanced features that the EM CLI can manage, not just commands to manage/address the E12c environment, but custom scripts used in SQLPlus, shell and Perl which can also be utilized through this invaluable tool.
The session will demonstrate how EM CLI can ease the management of administering large database environments and how the commands can address problems the graphical interface can not.
An introduction to new features from Release 3 will be discussed to help prepare the DBA for more access to more areas of Oracle with this valuable tool.
Attendees will leave with a clear comprehension of:
• the ease of installation
• basic commands
• simple scripting skills
• advanced scripting methods
• how to utilize EM CLI correct issues
• using EM CLI for advanced deployment features

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