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SQL Tuning Methodology for Developers
Topic: The Database
Owner: Kyle Hailey
Date: 2013-07-15
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

As a developer how does one know the impact of their SQL code on the system? How can the SQL load be verified and most importantly if the load of the SQL is high and/or SQL performance is slow, how can one tune the SQL? This presentation will show to identify high load SQL and most importantly how to analyze a SQL statement to identify bottlenecks and tune the SQL. For analyzing poor performing SQL statements, we will follow a solid step by step method using Visual SQL Tuning (VST). Visual SQL Tuning (VST) is a method of laying out the tables and joins of a query graphically indicating key features of the query in the graphics. With VST, you'll learn how to quickly visualize any coding errors in the query, discover flaws in the underlying database schema, and most importantly, find the best execution path through the query.

Download File   kscope_2013_vst.pptx

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