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Five Ways to Make Data Modeling Fun
Topic: Building Better Software
Owner: Kent Graziano
Date: 2013-03-27
Subtopic: Best Practices

Most people think data modeling booooorrring, right? But for a few of us, it is kind of fun. While data architects the world over will all agree that data modeling is a critical success factor to any well engineered database or data warehouse system, many struggle with how to get their organizations to support their efforts. What if you could make data modeling sessions more engaging for the business folks (your customers!)? If you could, the end result would be better data models. Using some common children’s games and other concepts (and creative license on the themes) this session will show you how to make data modeling fun. This will be a very interactive session complete with audience participation and maybe some prizes! Be prepared to rethink how you develop data models.

Download File   Kgraziano.5WaysSlides.pdf
Download File   Kgraziano.FiveWaysPaper.pdf
Download File   Rhythms I Session 02.mp4

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