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Building an Instrumented and Supportable Database Application
Topic: Building Better Software
Owner: Jerry Brenner
Date: 2013-06-19
Subtopic: Best Practices

There are 2 basic parts to this talk:
1. Discussing key types of instrumentation that enable remote debugging of applications.
2. Using examples of the output of the tools built into our applications to demonstrate the insights that can be derived from this approach.

1. Building knowledge of your data model concepts into your instrumentation enhances the power of the instrumentation.
2. Building functionality into the application to analyze the instrumentation and return the results greatly simplifies the task of remotely debugging problems.
3. While we have additional in-house tools that can only be used with direct access to the database and application, we use the tools that are built into our applications (and available in the field) in our day-to-day in-house performance work. (We eat our own dog food.)

NOTE: I submitted a more in-depth presentation on our tool that analyzes the AWR and ASH data for the database track. This presentation touches on that tool, but covers a much broader range of instrumentation.

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