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Building Applications That Play Nice in Oracle Database
Topic: Building Better Software
Owner: Tim Gorman
Date: 2013-06-24
Subtopic: Best Practices

We're all into building modular reusable code, but like many situations, often accomplishing the mission brings up other issues. How can application code be "registered" within the database so that commonly-used PL/SQL code and SQL statements can be differentiated by how they're used within different program modules? The built-in packages DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO, DBMS_DEBUG, and DBMS_SESSION have several ways to make applications easier to debug, tune, improve, understand, track, and administer. With advantages like that, what's not to love? This presentation will provide SQL and PL/SQL code examples and templates as a reference point for use back at work.

Download File   TGorman KScope2013 PlayNice 20130625.pdf

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