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The Art of a Sleek UI and Intuitive UX for Your Application
Topic: Building Better Software
Owner: Cameron Mahbubian
Date: 2012-10-15
Subtopic: Best Practices

You’ve been working extremely hard on this kick-a** application. It’s rich in features and allows the end-user to do everything they would ever need to do. You’ve business-analyzed every angle and left no stones unturned. It’s now time to present it to the users and/or clients.

Outcome: They’re still not wowed?!

More often than not, us techies are so bogged down with getting the features, functionalities and corner cases covered that we neglect the ever so critical “First Impression”! In this talk, business executive and veteran UX designer, Cameron Mahbubian, will talk about how to boost your application’s UX and give it the sleekness that WILL wow your audience on your next presentation.

Items covered will include:
• “Around the World in 3 Clicks” (Effective UX)
• “Is it Weird to find this App Sexy?” (Sleek UI)
• “Look ma’ no Manual...even for you!” (Intuitiveness & User-Friendliness)
• “Plug-ins are your Friends” (Proper use of Add-Ons)

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