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The Best Reporting Solution You Already Own
Topic: Essbase
Owner: Theron Jaquez
Date: 2013-05-31
Subtopic: Solutions

The company needed an inexpensive Essbase reporting solution that could support our “push” service delivery model (document emailed to customer). The document needed to be easy for the customer to use (no new software to install/learn) and must support subsequent analysis (editable in spreadsheet). Additionally, report production should take place during the typical business day without impact to operations.

I investigated the Report Writer, native to Essbase and included with the license. Running Report Scripts on the Essbase server and utilizing 4 other computer languages to automate steps in the process, the Solution produces 3,500+ unique reports (270 managers x 13 report templates), fully formatted (in Excel) from 4 Essbase cubes (simultaneously, i.e. a single .bat file) in less than 4 hours (2.5 hrs to create reports and 1hr to format). Report size ranges from 1 to 400+ pages.

The presentation will outline the steps involved in developing the Solution, highlighting:
• The functional problem defining each step, and
• The technical solution employed at each step.

Attendees will learn about the functionality of Hyperion languages (MAXL, MDX, Report Scripts) and non-Hyperion languages (DOS, VB for Excel) employed, and how arranging simple technical solutions can combine to create a powerful report generation system.

The Solution surpassed our expectations/criteria of ease of use, cost, performance, etc. It has all of the features of Report Writer (supports symmetric and ragged outlines, block and aggregate storage, large dimensions [5,000 lev0 members], etc.) and functionality of Excel (font and cell formatting, footers, multiple tabs per workbook, data filters, page breaks, etc.).

Other report generation tools exist. Many are expensive. Some are hard to steer. I found the Report Writer Solution to be cheap, effective, and very fast.

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