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MDX and ASO: A Dynamic [Calculation] Love Story - Dynamically Calculated Investment Returns
Topic: Essbase
Owner: John Anderson
Date: 2013-06-25
Subtopic: Solutions

ASO is creeping up on BSO's calculation dominance; you've heard (or may have even felt) the directive to start with ASO rather than BSO as the default whenever designing an Essbase application. For some of us we can be reluctant to let go of the ever powerful and flexible calculation engine of the tried and true BSO even after ASO has made such huge strides over the past couple of years.
Join us as we explore a specific application of MDX within ASO that showcases the power and flexibility of ASO as a calculation-type engine: using MDX to dynamically calculate annualized investment returns for any given user-selected time horizon. Hopefully it will give you some ideas on the uses of MDX and ASO and help make that transition from BSO to ASO something to be embraced!

Download File   janderson.mdxandaso.pdf

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