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All About Allocations-Calculating Customer/Product Profitability and Transfer Pricing Using Essbase
Topic: Essbase
Owner: Deanna Sunde
Date: 2013-06-27
Subtopic: Solutions

See how an Oracle ERP customer, Herbalife, and other Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Hyperion Essbase customers have implemented customer and product profitability, transfer pricing and allocation models to provide transparency to users instead of the process being a "black box." Using a case study approach, you will see how you can use custom-built Excel templates that utilize VB and VBA with Oracle Hyperion Essbase to streamline the process of the user being able to dynamically build allocation methodologies. The template allows users to select drivers, allocate over many dimensions and provides validation checks. Using Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting and Oracle Hyperion Smart View, drill from the receiver to the sending entities/cost centers with the associated allocation methodology. See how you can set up dimensionality and Oracle Hyperion Planning forms to allow flexibility so that users can make adjustments. Also see how you can creating journal entries to send the results to Oracle Hyperion Financial Management or general ledgers. Best practices in designing and building allocation models will also be covered as well as sample calculation script syntax for complex calculations between sender and receiver using substring and concatenate functions and for exclusions based on UDA’s and attributes.

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