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Loading a PSPB Planning Application - Made Easy!
Topic: Planning
Owner: Matt Varner
Date: 2013-06-23
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

This presentation gives an overview of pulling Metadata, Data, and Smartlist definitions from the ERP source system and loading them to the HCP Plan Type. It offers an improved order of development for the extract files (Master Data and FTES, Base Salary, Other Compensation, and Allocations), and provides some tips for avoiding common mistakes. Attendees to this session will learn a methodical approach for extract file development which enables data (and metadata) validation to occur as early in the process as possible. The approach is to divide the files into 4 logical groups – “Master Data and FTE’s”, “Base Salary”, “Other Compensation”, and “Allocations”. After each group is loaded and the appropriate Business Rules are run, the results can be validated – for example, after the first group is loaded, FTE and Headcount can be validated – before the Salary, Compensation, or Allocation extracts are even started.

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