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Setting the Pace: Real Time Aggs in Planning at St. Jude Medical
Topic: Planning
Owner: Michael J Henderson
Date: 2013-06-24
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

St Jude Medical is a Fortune 500 ($5.6Bn sales) global medical producer of pacemakers, neurostimulation devices and more. The FP&A team at St Jude uses a large and complex Planning application with Workforce Planning, 30 currencies, and calculation of all P&L accounts (depreciation, payroll, translation, revenue and COGS).

But unlike other Planning applications, these Essbase cubes have NO upper level blocks. The cubes deliver fully translated and rolled up data right away. How? Data makes a "round trip" to a twin ASO cube and back. Business logic is calculated in the Planning BSO cubes. Data rolls up in the ASO cube.

Unlike designs where a twin ASO cube is used for reporting, St Jude users never connect to the ASO application. The Planning app provides complete financials. The magic is in the architecture of the round trip.

At this link is a "" presentation on the architecture.

Response time is quite fast for both form saves and for ad hoc queries. And the system handles traffic well. When a forecast or plan is open for input, users submit over 2500 form saves a day.

This presentation we will cover the design, the architecture and real world performance.

Highlights include:
1) How to execute processes from business rules with CDFs.
2) How to push data from Block to ASO cubes faster, more reliably, and with far greater transparency than standard replicated partitions.
3) Special considerations for a transparent partition from ASO to non-input cells of the BSO cubes.
4) Outline and calc considerations such as MDX calculation of ratio members, XREF accounts without XREF formulas, and calculations (such as allocations) that reference upper level intersections.
5) Limitations and trade-offs ... suppress missing blocks feature and zeroes at upper levels.
6) Performance monitoring, statistics, and end-user feedback.

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