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General Dynamics Land Systems - Leveraging Oracle | Hyperion Planning for Controlling Cash
Topic: Planning
Owner: Matt Gilchrist
Date: 2013-04-29
Subtopic: Case Studies

With many General Dynamics Business Units engaged in multi-year capital-intensive contracts, General Dynamics sees cash management as a key strategic financial imperative. Yet managing the Cash Forecasting and Reporting process is a daunting task due to the inherent complexities of Cash Planning, including timing, and various contract types.

GD Land Systems successfully leveraged Hyperion Planning to improve and ultimately fully control this process.
The key drivers of the GD Land Systems cash management initiative were:

- Lack of a single source of Cash and other financial data to support cash management reporting and analysis, resulting in a very manual and time intensive process

- Desire for a common methodology for developing Receipt, Disbursements and Net Cash across the various contract types (e.g. Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Time and Materials, Level of Effort)

- Limited visibility and insight into the impact of changing cash positions on the existing business landscape, include the impact on the Operating Plan and Quarterly Business Reviews

- Desire for the ability to perform structured and unstructured “what-if” analysis, predictive analytics and scenario modeling to determine impact of changes in cash

The bottom line: most companies manage this critical process in an environment that is inflexible, error prone and that lacks transparency.

This presentation will show how the Cash Forecasting and Reporting process can be managed differently, to provide organizations with immediate access to critical data, and provide full control and desired transparency. Specifically, the presentation will:

- Outline the challenges faced by A&D organizations in managing cash
- Provide a proven methodology to address these cash management challenges
- Showcase how General Dynamics Land Systems achieved a standardized and efficient cash management solution that provides the ability to forecast, model and integrate cash planning into their financial plan

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