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EPMA Tips and Tricks
Topic: Planning
Owner: Daniel Villani
Date: 2013-05-28
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

EPMA (Enterprise Performance Management Architect) – Implementation Tips & Tricks
EPMA, the key tool in building and managing EPM Planning, Essbase, HFM and HPCM applications is similar to many software tools with its strengths and its opportunity for Tips & Tricks.
This presentation will show new and experienced users methods and approaches that will help guide implementations to keep your development on track and your sanity in check.
This presentation will be based on the 11.1.2.x version.

• Sourcing through the Interface Tables
• Managing Shared Dimension Libraries
• Batch Client automation
• Attribute Dimension Management
• Migrating Shared Dimensions
• Application Deployment

We will also present an introduction and general guidelines for the EPMA Calculation Manager. This application is the replacement for the Hyperion Planning’s Business Rules, starting in version If you are using Planning or HFM in version, you will need to know how to use this tool.
• Calculation Manager – getting started
• Calculation Manager – reusable modules


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