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Metadata Design: Integrating Planning and Essbase Applications with HFM
Topic: Planning
Owner: Deanna Sunde
Date: 2013-06-27
Subtopic: Solutions

Designing integrations for global organizations with complex entity structures, elimination entries, multiple currencies and cash flow structure requirements can be complex. It is important to understand the similarities and differences between Planning/Essbase and HFM required and optional dimensions in order to effectively design integrations and avoid missteps and rework. Using a case study approach, best practices in designing dimensions and integrating metadata are presented. Naming conventions, aliases, account types, operators and formulas on members are different between the Hyperion products. Benefits in using the "flow" or "movement" dimension for capturing cash flow information from balance sheet accounts and the "data type" dimension for segregating input vs. calculated data, various GAAPs and adjustments are presented. Also discussed is where it is best to calculate elimination entries, currency conversions, constant rate currency scenarios, currency translation adjustments and equity pick-ups, methods of loading data (periodic or YTD) and how to integrate the secondary data between HFM and Planning.

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