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Planning at Transaction Levels while Maintaining Performance
Topic: Planning
Owner: Chris Boehmer, CPA
Date: 2013-06-29
Subtopic: Solutions

Kimco requires transactional level budgets calculated by individual leases across 20,000 + units and 900+ properties for 15 years into the future. Individual lease and unit budgeting with changing tenants (slowly changing dimensions) and tenant level recovery of expenses based on complicated account level billing system drivers pose the biggest challenges. We employ several revolutionary techniques to achieve transactional budgeting while not impacting system usability due to performance primarily by:

• Reducing dimensionality by utilizing user specific variables to allow concatenation of dimensions while still allowing efficient form filtering by splitting single dimensions between page, POV, and row axis in forms.
• Creating additional dynamic dimensionality by utilizing smartlists as additional user maintainable dynamic dimensions to reduce calculation times and dynamically calculated accounts to create robust reporting over those additional dimensions.
• Improving performance by:
o utilizing custom Java and UDF/CDFs to validate data and extract to and reload from relational databases for more efficient processing where necessary.
o Utilizing record tagging to allow overnight processing to only run over dirty records including clean cells in other parts of the database and furthermore to tag reports that are not accurate and require aggregation to occur.

Download File   cboehmer.PlanningatTransactionLevelsWhileMaintainingPerformance.pdf

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