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Crash Course in Financial Close Manager
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Alex Sluyter
Date: 2013-08-06
Subtopic: At A Glance

Tired of reminding your users when data is due? Need to have a global real-time view of where you are in the close process. Want to ensure that the close is not interrupted when one critical user is sick during the close?
See a real-world example of how FCM Financial Close Manager can help.

Company Moog will show how they leveraged FCM with HFM, Planning and all close-process related tasks.
- Learn the concepts of FCM
- See live demo build of a simple close calendar from scratch to finish
- Learn how to leverage FCM to handle task automation like Extended Analytics data extracts

info: If possible would request Internet access to remotely access our development system. In there then could create sample close schedule and show our setup. Otherwise would need to build a VM with FCM.

Download File   asluyter.crashcoursefcm.pdf
Download File   PAPERaluytercrashcoursefcm.pdf

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