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Three Benefits in One Balance Sheet Reporting Design
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Alex A. Seran
Date: 2013-05-25
Subtopic: Best Practices

Automated CTA, Cash Flow and the Eliminations of Margin on Inventory have been the most challenging functionalities to automate in HFM, especially in a multi-tier translation. Many solutions exist but the majority of them involve loading Overrides, numbers calculated outside of HFM. What is the point of using Excel when these can be built in HFM automatically? The objective of this presentation is to explain how we can leverage the HFM capabilities to automate a detailed Balance Flow (Change in balances, Pull values from the income statement and roll forwards) to solve 4 major challenges in one action:
• Flux Analysis for Audit Purposes.
• Automated Currency Translation and accurately calculate CTA per Account and the effect of the exchange rate on the change in cash.
• Multi-Currency Cash flow at every level of the Entity Hierarchy.
• Elimination of Intercompany Margin on Inventory.

Download File   Balance Sheet Reporting - Design Consideration - KSCope Format V3.pptx

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