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Allocations in HFM - Making Sure Everyone Gets Their 'Fair Share'
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Brian Maguire
Date: 2013-06-27
Subtopic: Best Practices

Allocations are often an integral part of any consolidation and reporting process. Companies may need to allocate corporate expenses across subsidiaries, projects, or products. Hyperion Financial Management has the flexibility to accommodate all such allocations but we must ensure that these allocations are setup properly within the application so that we always produce accurate allocation results in the shortest amount of time necessary.
In this presentation we will cover the different types of allocations that are often required and the best approach in handling each type within HFM. We will introduce the Sub Allocate routine which is vital in producing correct allocation results between entities. We will discuss the differences between when Sub Calculate should be used for allocations and when Sub Allocate should be used. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, we will walk through an example of the end-user experience in updating and processing their allocations with HFM.

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