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Installing Oracle EPM for Real
Topic: EPM Foundations & Data Management
Owner: Rob Donahue
Date: 2013-05-23
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Installing an Oracle EPM environment is a complicated undertaking. There is not any good information available on how to install Oracle EPM as one would in a real world implementation. A real world implementation involves installing the software in a distributed environment and not just on a single server like the manuals and training classes demonstrate. This presentation will take the participants through the planning tasks required to set up a distributed Oracle EPM environment. In addition it will through actual demonstrations take through the configuration of a distributed Oracle EPM environment. This will not be your average vanilla installation but take into account the complexities of a multi-product, multi server environment. In addition it will cover such topics as mixed platforms and post installation customizations. This will be a very in-depth session and could easily be over an hour if there were additional time available.

The overall goal of this presentation is to give participants a good level of knowledge of how to plan and then execute their own installations with details on some of the hidden ‘features’ that occur in the latest release of Oracle EPM.

Download File   RD.Installing.pdf

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