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How to Turn New Recruits into Oracle EPM Support Gurus
Topic: EPM Foundations & Data Management
Owner: Nicholas King
Date: 2013-06-24
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

In my consulting experience I have worked with both large and small organizations which all seem to have the same problem. Mainly, the problem is how to build and retain a knowledgeable support staff around the critical Oracle EPM Infrastructure. In too many organizations the support is very fragile and can be shattered by constantly transitioning staff, reorganizations ..etc. This presentation shows how to get anyone up to speed on the infrastructure in a way that can relate to the interests of the typical supporting cast of Oracle Administrators, System Administrators, Database Administrators, and Network Administrators. A stable, consistent environment can only be achieved when the supporting cast has good understanding of the Oracle EPM Infrastructure and their place in supporting the environment.

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