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Choosing Your Data Integration Tool: With Several Hyperion Options Available, You Must Choose Wisely
Topic: EPM Foundations & Data Management
Owner: Scott Thomas Peters
Date: 2013-05-28
Subtopic: Solutions

When a company is deciding on which integration tool to use, the options can become daunting. Who is loading the data? Is the process controlled centrally? Are you sourcing from a ledger directly? What about metadata? The options include Financial Data Quality Management, ERP Integrator and Oracle Data Integrator. This session will help outline where each product fits in real world type situations. These include the target system that you will be feeding as well as the questions asked above. We will cover some standard and not so standard data loading processes and uncover the right fit of each of these products. FDM is a web-based data transformation and loading tool that offers a centralized platform for collecting data from all areas of the organization and a standardized approach to data validation and loading to a Hyperion target system. ERP Integrator can be used to integrate metadata and data from an ERP source system into an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) target application. Oracle Data Integrator takes ERP Integrator even further and is a pure ETL tool. Which one fits best for the various approaches to data integration will be covered as we will look into the key questions of sourcing, mapping and loading and how the role of each helps choose the data integration tool.

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