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Social Network Analysis with Oracle Tools
Topic: Business Intelligence
Owner: Charles Elliott
Date: 2012-10-12
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Interested in what to do with the vast, unstructured social data on sites like Twitter and Facebook? This presentation will help you discover how to combine social network data, advanced analytics and visualization to find important patterns in the social web.

Demonstrations will use Oracle R and Oracle Business Intelligence with real-world data sets to perform tasks including: acquiring social network data, identifying important members of a network, detecting communities, monitoring sentiment and sharing your analysis through OBIEE dashboards.

Learning Objectives:
Identify common business challenges that can be aided with social network insights
Describe basic techniques of social network analysis
Implement Oracle R scripts used in the presentation for acquiring, analyzing and visualizing social network data (made available via github)

A. Acquire & Organize
1. Accessing the Twitter API
2. Accessing the Facebook API
3. Oracle R for data acquisition and organization
B. Analyze
1. Sentiment analysis
2. Basic network metrics (e.g. number of friends, degrees of separation)
3. Measures of centrality (e.g. importance, influence)
4. Community detection
5. Using network features for predictive analytics
C. Visualize and Decide
1. Visualizing networks with Oracle R and D3.js
2. Delivering SNA results with OBIEE

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