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Innovations in BI: Oracle Business Intelligence Against Essbase & Relational Part 1
Topic: Business Intelligence
Owner: Stewart Bryson
Date: 2013-06-27
Subtopic: Best Practices

In OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition), you can create models against multiple disparate sources that pull metadata and facts from relational databases and multi-dimensional sources. A particularly powerful combination is to use Essbase for pre-consolidated cube data with an Oracle database along side for transactional information. In this session, we'll utilize the power of both sources to build on the strengths of each.

Join Oracle ACE's, published authors, and presumed experts Stewart Bryson and Edward Roske as they demonstrate the fun of metadata development against a sample Essbase database sourced from an Oracle database. Attendees will leave the session knowing how to model complex Essbase options and integrate those with relational sources like the Oracle database.

Download File   OBIEE Against Essbase and Relational.pdf

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